About Kaleesuwari

Kaleesuwari has profoundly ensured the presence in the market since its inception in 1993, now renowned as one of India's primary producers of Refined Sunflower Oil under our flagship brand '’Gold Winner’'. Our headquarters is based in Chennai and an overseas group office in Singapore. Moreover, satisfying overwhelming demands from Oman, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Malaysia markets dictate an inevitable expansion into other international markets. With a group turnover of USD 530 million complemented by a talent base of over 2000+, we zealously strive towards delivering Health and Happiness.

Kaleesuwari Refinery and Industry Private Limited

Kaleesuwari Refinery and Industry Private Limited is a venture of the Kaleesuwari Group which is a renewable biofuel industry. The company’s goal is to enhance the nation’s energy security by reducing the dependence on petroleum fuels. Kaleesuwari Refinery and Industry Private Limited have been supplying to some of the Fortune 500 Oil Marketing companies such as Indian Oil Corporation; Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.; Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. We were the largest supplier of Biodiesel to Oil Marketing Companies in India for the Financial Year, 2015-2016.


An abundance in the utility of biodiesel renders to its property of a renewable source of energy. Biodiesel is developed through varying different blends and its compositions. Its aversion to emitting surplus greenhouse gases like hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide highlights it's viability as a fuel.

Moreover, prevention of hazards during transportation in accordance with a high flash point (145') complements its ease in handling. Biodiesels could have various components such as jatropha seeds, vegetable oil, rapeseed oil etc.

Glycerol or Glycerine is a simple polyol compound. With three hydroxyl groups attached in its chain, it displays colorless, non-toxic, sweet tasting and antifreeze characteristics. Different grades of glycerine are obtained by distillation of its crude form. Each grade corresponds to a change in a variation of the properties of Glycerine. Different grades of Refined Glycerine such as CP, IP, USP and BP can be obtained by prolonged distillation. Common scenarios where glycerine is deemed helpful are as an antifreeze agent, as sweeteners in food recipes, pharmaceutical applications, and cosmetic applications


Kaleesuwari Refinery and Industry Private Limited adopts international processes, plant designs, and technology for manufacturing Biodiesel from Desmet Ballester. This is based on a 3 step continuous Transesterification Unit that can operate under mild conditions with constant quality and minimized specific consumption of raw materials and energy. The plant design is targeted to reduce process effluents with a consequent virtual elimination of pollutant and wastes to a negligible extent. The process system is completely computerized. The plant can function for a continuously for 24 hours producing 300 MT of Pretreated Oil per day equating to a total of approximately 1,00,000 TPA. Our Refined Glycerine ( > 99.7°A purity) yielded (9000 TPA) through the processes that meet the most stringent pharmacopeia specifications and is certified by Kosher. The dedicated pipeline from the production plant to port for supply of Biodiesel without contamination.